Super with us

As a member of MTAA Super, you can enjoy the security of being with one of Australia’s largest super funds. With our range of services, our aim is to help you reach your financial goals – so that you’re better placed to do the things you really want to do.

Fees & costs

As an industry fund, we exist only to benefit our members. That means no dividends to shareholders and no commissions paid to financial advisers. We keep our fees low so you keep more money in your super.  Learn more...

Investing with MTAA Super

For many of us, super is a life-long savings plan. As your financial goals change over time, it’s likely your investments will too. That’s why MTAA Super lets you choose how your super is invested. You can invest in one or a mix of our eight investment options. Each option has a different investment strategy and varying levels of risk and expected return which means you’ll be sure to find a strategy to suit your needs.  Check out our investment options...

Insurance cover

Nobody plans to get sick or injured, but if the unexpected happens it’s good to know that you and your family are protected. To help give financial peace of mind, new members are automatically provided with Death and Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover when they join MTAA Super (subject to eligibility). Find out more about insurance cover...

Become a member

No matter what your job is, what type of work you do, or what industry you’re in – you’re welcome to join MTAA Super and enjoy our range of benefits and services. Since 1989, we’ve built our name as the leading industry fund for the motor trades. And over the years, we’ve become one of Australia’s largest super funds.